Derek Muller is a dj and producer born in 1979 involved in electronic music since 1993. He is the brain behind MICRO events taking place in best clubs at the spanish levante coast.

Music producer since 2000 Derek Muller has worked with the best record spanish companies like Blanco y Negro or Bit Music, editing electronic music during years in all its forms.Derek takes part in the booking from Metro Dance Club, one the best electronic clubs in his country.

We can define his style as groovy with some actual tech touches but always keeping a techno background , creating a line of dance with electronic quality music.He has performed in the best Alicante’s festivals, noteworthy his performance in Germany and in Ibiza (where he lives in the summer season).Some of his higlithted performances are ‘Festival Antiviña’ (Villarrobledo), Florida 135 (Huesca), Metro (Alicante), Bukowski (Alemania), Mobilat (Alemania), Tantra (Ibiza), Plastik (Ibiza), Moss (Murcia), Desafinado (Alicante), Divine (Alicante), Spring Festival and Sun Festival (Alicante).

Tech House, House

Alicante, Spain.