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We interview Daniel Orpi following his incredible 2021

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Sumision : Let us know a bit more about your 2021 so far?  

Daniel Orpi : Well so much happened this year, I achieved more than 6 number 1 releases on Beatport, I played in some amazing parties included my debut at Octan Ibiza, met so many amazing people in the meantime and made some of the best music I’ve ever produced.

Sumision : What releases have you got in the pipeline for 2022? 

Daniel Orpi : I start the year with an EP on Edible, label from Eats Everything. Followed by this I’ve an EP on Four Thirty Two with my friend LORAN with a remix from a massive artist.
Then I’ve an EP on Bandidos which has had a lot of support already, another EP on Kaluki Musik and more things I can’t reveal yet !

Sumision : Do you feel your your music is influenced by some the artists you looked up to? 

Daniel Orpi : Definitely. I feel my music is a mix between all of the artists I looked up to, although through practise I learn how to put my own art and signature to my music.

Sumision : Was the pandemic a productive time for you in the studio?

Daniel Orpi : The most productive time I ever had in the studio by far.

Sumision : Let us know a bit more about your future projects .

Daniel Orpi : Recently I’ve launched my new brand Diggin’ with an album of edits. Nexy year I’m planning the first releases and try to run showcases hopefully and much more. Also working for an american tour soon.


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